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Ever since I upgraded to 4.0, the welcome tab will not stop opening. It's getting rather annoying.

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The welcome tab for the new 4.0 will not stop opening every time I open my browser. Each time I open Firefox two tabs open, the welcome page for the new 4.0 and my home page. I updated some time ago and this welcome page is becoming quite annoying. How do I stop it from opening? In the past, it has stopped after the first time I open Firefox following an update.

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See these articles for some suggestions:

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Thank you for the reply. I have Google set as my homepage, and that's the only homepage listed in the Options box. I tried restoring to default, but when I opened again, the 4.0 page and Google opened again. That leads me to think it might be options, but that article meant absolutely nothing to me.

What I find strange is that when I have one Firefox window open, then open another Firefox window, only the Google page opens, not the "get to know 4.0" page.