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When i drag icons from the adress bar to the desktop they are changed to the firefox icon, how can i keep the sites icon?

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Rather than use favorites, I like to drag the icon in the address bar to the desktop or a folder to create a shortcut. In my older computers the icon in the shortcut was the same as the icon in the address bar. in my new Win 7 computer the icon is changed to a Firefox icon. How can I prevent the icon from being changed?

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If you drag a link or favicon on the left end of the location bar onto the desktop to create an internet shortcut then that shortcut gets the icon of the default browser.

If you want a different icon (favicon) then you have to assign that icon yourself to the desktop shortcut (right-click: Properties).

You can usually get the favicon if you append "favicon.ico" to the main domain of a website (e.g. http://www.mozilla.com/favicon.ico ) to display the favicon in a tab and save that image to a folder or see if you can find it in "Tools > Page Info > Media".

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Thanks, this did help and works fine. Unfortunately I do not think you should have to do this step at all. In Explorer 8 when you drag a website link to the desktop, it keeps the icon.

Update - well, it worked for some sites not all.....

How do I get the icons from the sites that do not work with this method????

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