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British Dictionary? only an idiot would make this up!!!!!!

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British Dictionary, is this the best Firefox can do?

Britain is made up of Wales, Scott's, Northern Ireland and the English so how the hell do you have a British Dictionary.

I find in my reading on the net that the United States of (no heritage) America treat this subject with contempt.

I have posted endlessly to have Firefox's English Dictionary to be correctly labelled as American English, or English for the English, you would think that all the heads in Firefox's programmers and community could get this one round their minds.

English is a language spoken by people traditionally from ENGLAND!

American English is spoken by people living in the U.S.

British Language is a joke, totally wrong and yet again shows how the Americans steal heritage and label it as their own.

IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!! there is no such thing as a British dictionary

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Highly insulting coming from a bunch of mongrels!

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Get on the line! Contact Cambridge immediately and demand a correction!! See "New! 40,000 audio pronunciations" on the following page and inform Cambridge of their horrendous error:


Oh, and a little information for you: http://www.englishclub.com/english-language-history.htm http://www.danshort.com/ie/timeline.htm http://www.anglik.net/englishlanguagehistory.htm http://www.krysstal.com/english.html

Maybe we should all be using a Germanic English dictionary!!

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And if it wasn't for "America" back in the 1940's, "Britain" might not even be speaking English now. Sprechen sie Deutsch?

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""And if it wasn't for "America" back in the 1940's, "Britain" might not even be speaking English now. Sprechen sie Deutsch? ""

don't be a prick! the-edmeister. britain had already won the battle of britain before america even entered the war we would never have had to speak german!

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I'd be happier if Firefox would include the (British) English dictionary by default rather than having it as an add-on, when you download the (British) English language (en-gb) version of Firefox. Which I do.

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It is about licensing that not all locale can have a dictionary included. From the readme file:

This dictionary was initially based on a subset of the original English wordlist created by Kevin Atkinson for Pspell and Aspell and thus is covered by his original LGPL licence.
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Here is an American dictionary lol

American English Dictionary

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