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Tabs below address bar.. IS anyone at Mozilla listening??

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For years now Mozilla has been forcing users to add a userChrome file to get their tabs BELOW the address bar. They have also been changing the rules for doing it every so often so users have to go back and modify their userChrome.css files.

WHY doesn't the Mozilla development team wake up and make it easier for users to maintain the look and feel of their UI to match their preferences. It shouldn't require a special .css file to make this happen.

PLEASE add settings in the about:config (or better yet in the tools/options) to allow users to move the tabs below the address bar line.


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You are more than welcome to file a bug to see if this can be changed.

Please appreciate that it is more likely that tabs will remain above the address bar in line with the common convention across other web browsers.

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HERE IS THE CORRECT ANSWER for Firefox version 9.00 of how to achieve it now edited into my very first question https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1339095

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