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How can I control Location Bar Autocomplete?

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In my previous version of FF (52 ESR) Location Bar Autocomplete was controlled by [options > privacy > address bar suggestions]. in current FFv62 only seems to enable it, but not control it's settings. Specifically Location Bar Autocomplete ONLY works for addresses already visited that session rather than for bookmarks as set.

My current settings are

[options > search > search bar] = use address bar

[options > search > *] = all other options disabled

[options > privacy > forms and passwords > *] = all disabled

[options > privacy > history > custom > remember browsing] = enabled

[options > privacy > history > custom > clear on close ( enabled) > settings] = all enabled but cookies and data section

[options > privacy > address bar] = only bookmarks checked

[about:config > browser.urlbar.auto] = all true

is this bugged or what do I need to change to get it back to autocompleting bookmark urls?

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hi, we're tracking and fixing this problem in https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1488879

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Hi, 1 is Options --> Browsing --> Search for text when you start typing


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That setting only appears to control searching in a page, not autocomplete of urls.

The linked article says how to turn the url autocomplete on and off, but not how to control it's behavior (current behavior = only visited this session. previous behavior = bookmarks included)

I guess it's a bug then since the article doesn't cover it.

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In the link that Pkshadow gave you, you may have overlooked the section  :

"How can I control what results the address bar shows me?"

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There may be a small misunderstanding caused by how the article labels the features... the articles calls both the inline predictive text and the suggestions list below it "autocomplete".

For me, the suggestions list behaves as the settings say, but the inline predictive text does not. it's the latter I wish to control

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hi, we're tracking and fixing this problem in https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1488879

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Looks like it's already reported and fixed in beta, so I just need to wait on release. Thanks all.