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SSL lock is gray, Security tab says "Connection not encrypted"

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v74.0 (64-bit). all patched up. I hover over black/gray lock and it pops out: "Verified by Go, Inc." I click on lock, it says, in GREEN, "Connection secure" I advance the above and it says, in GREEN, "You are securely connected to this site" I hit "more information" and it shows the "Page Info" "Page Info", security tab: it says "Verified by: Not Specified". Under technical details it says "Connection Not Encrypted".

Chrome and IE say its Verified by GoDaddy and give me link to view cert.

Help !!! can I trust FF ??

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You can check the Web Console to see if there is mixed content reported.

You can check the certificate to verify that there aren't chain issues and that the server is sending all required intermediate certificates.


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