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How do I recover a download I saved but will not open so that it opens?

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I downloaded a file from my yahoo mail messages yesterday that appeared as "read-only" so I went through the trouble of right-clicking the file in the containing folder and unchecking the "read only" and spent 2 hours adding writing to the document because it's a story I'm working on and saved it to my documents on my laptop but today the file cannot be found on my computer but shows up still in my download folder. However, when I click on the file to open the containing folder, it WILL NOT OPEN. I need to know how I can recover the version of the document that I saved after working on it for TWO HOURS so that the work is NOT Lost Forever! Please help me recover the lost work version and to OPEN IT successfully.

I need a response ASAP please! Thank you for taking the time to read and respond.



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Files that you download and open in another program are set as read-only for a purpose, so you shouldn't undo this, but save the file under a different name and possibly in another location if the file was previously saved in the %temp% folder.

You can try to check in the editing program if there was a backup created, otherwise it is likely that the file is lost.
You can try an undelete utility to see if that can recover the file.

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What editing program? I downloaded the word document file from my email, right clicked and unchecked the read-only box, wrote on my word document for two hours then hit save to my documents folder. So WHAT editing program are you talking about? The file is NOT showing up ANYWHERE but in the Mozilla Firefox downloads and it will NOT open from there. Surely there is a way to get the file and it is not lost forever. Someone who has an answer that is helpful (and not "it is lost forever") please respond.

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P.S. I am broke and have $0 to spend on anything to recover this file so I hope there is a free way to recover my lost file.

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Watch your attitude about what you think is helpful and what isn't. You screwed up by unlocking that file, and then not saving it properly after you edited that file. We're just trying to help you.

If you can't open the "containing folder" from the downloads window, that file isn't where Firefox expects it to be - it was moved or it is gone.

"What editing program?"
You said that you downloaded a "word document", Firefox won't display that type of file much less allow the user to edit a "word document". You would need Microsoft Word or something similar like Open Office to edit that type of file type. So the program that you used to edit that downloaded file is the place to start looking for a backup of that file, assuming the timed backup feature in that program is activated.

Have you tried using Search > For Files or Folders in Windows Explorer?

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I was not being disrespectful and if anyone is out of line YOU are telling me I messed up. All I did was say I cannot afford to pay for anything and can someone else help me? I didn't ask for a lecture or for you to be rude to me I am seeking answers. I do not appreciate your harsh unwarranted tone. And I have every right to say what is helpful and what isn't when it ASKS ME clear as day "Was this helpful to you?" If nobody knows an answer that will help me then fine, sorry to have wasted my time trying to seek an answer.

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Even though this problem is not solved, since all I am getting is grief I am going to hit "problem solved" in hopes this question gets deleted so I don't get anymore nasty responses to my innocent questions. Good day! Otherwise I suppose someone else can delete this for me? :)

threads don't get deleted here - locking per request

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