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No support for embedded fonts

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Beyond FF3.6.xx Firefox stopped supporting embedded fonts (.EOT files). All previous versions of FF displayed embedded (EOT) fonts perfectly. IE 9 still does. Chrome still does. I will not upgrade to FF 5/6 without that support. If necessary I will switch to IE 9. Why can't FF re-implement this feature which already worked in FF3? This is one of the reasons you are having to force your users to FF6.

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When using FF version 6 use this and you may have a solution for your problem:

Type about:config in location bar. Find gfx.downloadable_fonts.sanitize and change its value from true to false.

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Thank you for the assistance, but it didn't help. I installed FF6 and altered the gfx.downloadable_fonts.sanitize boolean value from true to false and restarted FF6. It made no difference. I have uninstalled FF6 and reinstalled FF3.6.21. This update works fine with EOT syntax.

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.EOT fonts only work in IE and not in Firefox, although there may be a plugin (PDMS Weft Plugin) that adds support for .eot to Firefox.

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I can't dispute your statement with respect to FF 6, but .EOT fonts work in FF 3 and they worked in FF 2 without any plug-ins. Perhaps the indicated plug-in would help ME see my website properly but no other FF 6 user would see it properly.

It is incorrect to say that .eot fonts have never worked in Firefox. I have reverted to Firefox 3.6.21 and .eot fonts work fine. My question is why did Firefox decide to make them NOT work in FF 5 and FF 6? If anyone can answer THAT question it would at least provide some rational explanation for the discontinuance of an important function.

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Do eot fonts work with a new profile?

Do you have that font installed locally on your computer?

If that is the case then older Firefox version will find that font and use it, but current Firefox versions will require an explicit local (url) rule in @font-face

  • bug 637157 - @font-face family names should hide system fonts
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Thank you. After reading through this a couple of times I agree that this is the root cause of my problem. I DO have the Papyrus font installed locally, but friends on different platforms such as Mac who do not have this font installed have, in the past, been able to view my website as intended with the Papyrus font downloaded to them since Safari also processes .eot files "properly." Thus I would like to continue providing this service. If my code is now "wrong" and I should "use UNICODE instead" can someone tell me where to go to learn how to do this correctly? Otherwise I will just advise my Windows friends to default to IE and continue to enjoy my website.

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The attached "embedded font" tutorial (one of many), which was posted in May of 2011, certainly seems to suggest that Firefox's position on this question is out of touch with the rest of the industry and may represent a misunderstanding of the standard. I now once again believe that this is a Firefox problem not a user problem.

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This link ( to an earlier Mozilla Developers Network tutorial, documents how Firefox (GECKO) 3.5 supported @font-face properly in that version. A wide array of CSS3 tutorials also suggest that @font-face is a valid and widely accepted syntax (everywhere except in Firefox 5-6).

Okulungisiwe ngu cor-el

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My most sincere appreciation to the Firefox team. I just loaded Firefox 6.0.2 and I found to my delight that the @font-face feature now works exactly as expected and exactly as it used to. My special thanks to cor-el and to the other Firefox developers who listened and responded. I suspect that users in India and China will appreciate these efforts as well.

Deep bow to Mozilla.

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I have 6.0.2 on my system and the @font-face feature is definately not working in FF. It only works in IE 8. Can someone point me in the right direction as I want to use a font on the site I'm building and don't want to have to generate 60+ images of the font in this text.

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I had to correct my HTML to make sure that I had either apostrophes or quotes surrounding the URL name as follows - src: url('xxxxxxx.eot'). Without the apostrophes my @font_face code was not activated under 6.0.21. With the apostrophes my @font-face code now works perfectly under 6.0.21.

With IE 8 it worked either way.

See the "Embedded Font Tutorial" above for a syntax that works.