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How do I recover deleted history from the past 24 hours?

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So long story short...... I deleted my firefox history and cookies, and had the box checked off 'do not remember history' etc. I then restarted my computer and I have CCleaner which runs at start up.

To my dismay I realized I cannot find some of the sites I visited in the past 24 hours through search again and I need to find those sites. My history is empty, and I have no system restore point showing for the past 24 hours in windows 8. Now I've looked in the app data - roaming - folder and found the SQlite file, I installed the reader and the only history that has is from last week and nothing from the past 24 hours. I am confused at this point. I even installed Recuva and do not know which files I am looking for that CCleaner may have picked up. With Recuva, it is only finding the SQLite file from last week.

How can I recover my browsing history for firefox from the past 24 hours given the above scenario? There is no reason I shouldn't be able to since I found data from last week (and CCleaner runs daily on startup).

Thank you

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If you have used "Never Remember History" then Firefox was running in Private Browsing mode and no data would have been saved to disk (i.e. all has been kept in memory).
If data on disk got cleared otherwise then you would need a backup of involved files that holds this data.