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We have a website where our clients upload their images and there would be lots of images i.e 1000 or 10000 . There is one option on the website from where clients brows their files and upload .I need to know that is there a limit on the browser that he can’t upload more than 2000 files or it is depend on the system configuration. Please help me with this because there are several client who upload 10000 files once in a year. Waiting for your valuable reply . Thanks.

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Hi mohdAzim,

Thank you for contacting support. Firefox currently does not have anyway to throttle or limit bandwidth. This will be limited by the network connection and file manager only.

There is a time out set for ftp connections if there is no response after a certain period of time by default and maximum amount of connections, but this will depend on what protocol you are using to upload.

If you have any other questions we are happy to help.

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I assume that this is about selecting multiple files (or all files in the current directory) in a input file type dialog with the multiple attribute and upload all files in one go.

I don't know if there is a limit in how many files you can upload that way at once.

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Hello ,

Thanks for the reply , however I have 1gbps network Lan card installed and company have 155 mbps bandwidth. So i want to utilize my whole bandwidth .So the more number of connections and more utilization of speed.

Yes there are around 7000 files in a single folder and these are images file i.e Cr2 and Jpeg. So is that possible if i can brows and upload all of the files at once.

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You can check if it is possible to upload multiple files at once if you right-click the browse button and open the built-in Inspector. That should select this input form. If there is a multiple attribute present in the input tag then it should be possible to select more than one file at the time. Another possibility is to hold down the Ctrl key and see if you can select more files or only one file. Note that some website use special means like a Flash plugin or a Java applet to handle multiple files that may or may not work in Firefox.

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Ya, this tool was neat to calculate the file time, yet this is really ideal: http://web.forret.com/tools/bandwidth.asp?speed=155&unit=Mbps

Please let us know if the answer above helps you out! Cheers