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How do I stop video autoplay? This just started a few weeks ago. At first I thought it was a Facebook thing but it now also happens on other websites.

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Seems to have started with Firefox 26. I use Windows 8.1 and am sometimes using their START screen to play a few games. BUT my Firefox is still open in the background. I have had the sound from an autoplayed video on Firefox come through when I was on the Windows screen. VERY ANNOYING.

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I found this old question:

This way you need access the about:config:

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Thanks, I found that answer earlier myself but it does not solve my problem. In about:config the click-to-play already has TRUE next to it and Click-to-play does not show up in my Plugins list.

Any other ideas?

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It's a little complicated because Firefox plays some video formats itself without a plugin. For others it may use Flash, the Windows Media Player, QuickTime, or another plugin depending on what the page specifies and what plugins you have installed.

Also, some sites use a script to start the video after the page loads. Facebook is now doing this as you scroll down, playing when a video comes into view and pausing when it goes out of view. Fun, hunh?

Because of this, there's no universal solution for clamping down on all videos.

Here are a couple of built-in settings that might help:

(1) For videos Firefox plays itself in the built-in HTML5 video player, there is a preference you can change: media.autoplay.enabled (but scripts in the page can bypass that)

(2) For plugins, you can set "Ask to Activate" on the ones you do not want to run automatically. Visit the Add-ons page using either:

  • Ctrl+Shift+a
  • orange Firefox button (or Tools menu) > Add-ons

In the left column, click Plugins.

When you visit a site that wants to use the plugin, you should see a notification icon in the address bar and one of the following: a link in a black rectangle in the page or an infobar sliding down between the toolbar area and the page.

Beyond that, you would need to find one or more add-ons.

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Thanks. It does sound complicated. I appreciate your response.

Looks like it may be something I just have to learn to live with.

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You can try switching a plugin or two to Ask to Activate and see whether it helps. It's easy to switch back if you decide it doesn't.