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firefox 22 keeps crashing

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I use ffox with 100 tabs open, it crashes once per 2hours or so, sometimes faster...

I have tried almost everything...

I have used addons like MEMORY FOX, UNLOAD TAB, but no solution...

all extensions updated, all plugins updated....

thanks for any help...

<pre><nowiki>bp-51be9f9b-c8d8-455a-b8ea-e70072130723 bp-8e5327a5-0523-42af-ab49-374a72130723 bp-ea6e0da5-2757-4b2a-b107-cb62d2130723</nowiki></pre> I use ffox with 100 tabs open, it crashes once per 2hours or so, sometimes faster... I have tried almost everything... I have used addons like MEMORY FOX, UNLOAD TAB, but no solution... all extensions updated, all plugins updated.... thanks for any help...

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Hi dobbs, thanks for the link. This "out of memory" crash signature seems to be increasing in frequency.

I can't tell from the extension list in the crash report which ones are enabled/disabled. Are there any enabled that could be disabled? (It's hard to know which ones they are from the ID strings.)

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Hi jscher2000, thanks for the reply,

heres the list of extensions im using:

-app button remove 1.0 -ecleaner 1.4 -fbchatseenblocker 1.1 -lazarus form recovery 2.3 -memory restart 1.1 -screen grab 1.07 -session manager 0.8 -smartvideo for youtube 0.97 -stylish 1.3

i tried removing some of them before but that didnt solved the ffox / plugincont crashes.

thanks for help!

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now i went back to the one crash per hour or so and all of them from the plugin container (mozaloc) and all of them with empty threads.... https://crash-stats.mozilla.com/report/index/b95f0b27-b70d-48fd-98e8-d6fc72131101

can it be my RAM?

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Hi dobbs, is plugin-container crashing and showing APPCRASH within the space allocated for the plugin (e.g., rectangle where a video normally plays), or is Firefox crashing completely?

Do you think this is specifically an issue with the Flash plugin? At the time of your original post, it appears that you didn't have any other plugins enabled.

There may be some upper limit on the number of different instances of Flash that can run simultaneously. I don't know of a way to research that.

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Hi jscher2000, thanks for the reply, previously it was firefox crashing out of nowere, now all crashes come from the plugin container, yes i see appcrash... the only plugin i use is flash...

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oh my.... now is back to one crash per hour....

the crash comes from firefox mostly, sometimes from the plugin cont....

my nightmare continues...........



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Try to increase (double) the size of the page file.

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Hi cor-el, thx for the reply.

yes, i did that before, now is 8096 mb minimum 9096 max.

but that didnt helped i believe, as the crashes keep going...


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Im still on the same situation, many crashes daily, just one little thing that maybe can help some of you to identify more the problem:

  • When i try to save a session with session manager addon, may times i get the following:

"This operation failed due to a file access error: 'out of memory' when calling method: [nsISessionStore::getBrowserState]"

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the mozalloc crashes nightmare continues for me....

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HI dobbs,
Sorry you are still getting crashes. We usually manage to get at least a workaround to crash problems a lot quicker than we have done in this case.

Vital please test in a new profile

I apologise for shouting but this is a very important concept and test.

How are you doing on creating and using a new temporary test profile. This may have been suggested more than once. This is rather a long thread to follow. One post about that was from cor-el /questions/965887?page=3#answer-493597 and also included full instructions on doing initial multiple malware scans.

NOTE & Questions

  1. Temp troubleshooting step only:
    You need not lose your current profile bookmarks or open tabs when doing this. The profile manager creates a new profile and lets you choose which profile to run. You are not being told to always use the new test profile or always run without extensions or plugins. These are troubleshooting steps to try to discover the cause of your problems and then fix them.
  2. Examine your own Crash Reports.
    The Crash IDs beginning bp- represent links to crash reports. You should be able to use these links, or the information including that string to check your own crash reports at
    • https://crash-stats.mozilla.com/home/products/Firefox
      Note the search bar top right within that page.
      You may then review the Crash Reports. The ones that help us are the ones that do NOT say Empty, and are preferably from using Firefox in safe mode with plugins disabled.
    • Please paste in a couple of recent none empty Crash Report IDs if you find any such reports.
  3. Does your computer or other programs ever crash or is it only Firefox ?
  • Possible Memory problems
    Your last crash ID was not empty but was not in safe mode. The crash did seem related to memory issues. ( bp-d587b614-42fe-4c66-a44f-613572131201 Bug 767343 relates ) I suggest that you download and do an overnight test of your memory, with something such as memtest.

Thanks for your continuing patience.

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John99, thanks a lot for your reply.

Yes, cor-el has been very kind helping me with this.

I tried many things, but not yet the "new profile" suggestion, thats true.

I modified the virtual memory, then i also checked the RAM for errors but that didnt solved the issue.

I checked for virus and malware, but no. My only software problem is with ffox, no other program i use daily crashes or if it does it, is once in a long time, with ffox is 3-4 times a day.

Of course im a "hard" user, i work with it and is open all day with 200+ tabs, 10 addons, so the pressure is high maybe.

Indeed, most crash report come empty or with the mozalloc problem, or the one crashing is the plugin container.

Anyway, i will check all your suggestions again and try them, and i will post here the results.

Thanks once again to everyone who helped me on this, ;)


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OK comments noted, and thanks for the reply.

We are not trying to spoil Firefox by restricting what you do day-to-day. Just trying to get it working without crashing. Hopefully we should be able to do that and then you can work back to getting a highly customised version with many addons & tabs working again.

It is probably worth considering setting up multiple profiles one each for different tasks and with different add-ons. That could make Firefox much more stable. If you do use multiple profiles the initial suggested good practices are

  • Never delete or rename profiles.
  • Set up a new profile only in an empty folder. Do not nest within other profiles. It is probably best to use locations Firefox suggests.

Number of Open tabs.
Have you thought about trying to seriously reduce that form the 200+ ?
What about opening sets of tabs in different windows and bookmarking the Window's set of tabs and opening and closing them as needed. Or again making use of profiles.

You mention virtual memory, what is that about ?
Just the pagefile's size ?
You are not using a virtual Machine are you ?

  • Look at the detail from a recent report, no wonder it struggles or crashes if that is correct.
Total Virtual Memory 	2147352576
Available Virtual Memory 	362254336
System Memory Use Percentage 	87
Available Page File 5688291328
Available Physical Memory  433713152
  • 'EditFrom your UAS I suspect you are using 64 bit Windows
    My bad that is clearly a 32bit Windows User Agent String :
    "User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:22.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/22.0"
    • On Windows Firefox is 32bit
  • What is the Total Ram on your system ?
  • If you happen to have lots of spare Ram you could potentially run multiple instances of Firefox simultaneously and increase the total RAM available for Firefox.
    • Increasing the page file may help and was already suggested, but where possible it is best to actually avoid paging as that allows things to be much faster.
  • Do you make any attempt to monitor RAM usage and memory usage by Firefox ?
  • IIRC A common reason for empty crash reports is lack of memory.

I do not want to interfere too much in a thread where cor-el and others are already helping but you had four posts in a row with no response. I am certain everyone would like to know how you get on with a clean profile etc.

Được chỉnh sửa bởi John99 vào

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Thanks. Noted. I will try the profiles.

I dont want to reduce the number of tabs really, i need them open. I have read in many boards of people using 300+ without any problem. I can try yes, but if i have to do that i prefer to change browser all around.

Virtual memory: yes, pagefile size, i have modified it, but anyway im not sure what is a good number. I have 8g of ram, im using windows 7 32bit.

Yes, i have an addon called memory restart that informs how much ffox is using and gives you a quick way to restart. (actually 914mb).

Thanks again for the help and attention

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I thought 32-bit Windows was limited to using 4GB of physical RAM. Is there a way to force it to use the other 4GB?


Apparently there is: Physical Address Extension (Windows). Interesting. Do you know whether your system is using PAE (or some other technology allowing use of more than 4GB of memory)? Well, even in that case, firefox.exe is only going to get 4GB at most... not that it should need that much!

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I believed the same, that only 64bit systems could use more that 4g,

i buyed 8 just in case, do you suggest that i try to activate PAE?

my processor is intel core i3 3.07

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I'm out of my depth of this kind of question. A Windows or hardware tweaking site would be able to give better advice on that.

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Sorry I led this down a blind alley. I misunderstood and thought you were on a 64 bit machine.

There are probably better workflows than using 400+ tabs. Using multiple profiles and less tabs open at any one times should help in both troubleshooting and improving Firefox Performance. It may be of interesting to know what advantage or necessity you see for such a high number of open tabs.


  1. I used Windows XP as a test with Firefox having 200+ tabs on a machine with less than 1GB and it kept running without a crash.
    (Forum Search glitch, highlights experience when target is experiment ?? Why? incorrect synonym association possibly??)
  2. A Moxzilla related blog reported on metrics or a survey and concluded using 200+ tabs wasanoutlier. (Agian unable to locate that now)

I am not sure Firefox should crash due to the number of tabs alone. I usually see the performance degrade fairly gracefully. I just recently did get an unrecoverable freeze but only in an extreme situation. I tried to run about:memory and used the do not warn me again checkbox when it became unresponsive.

I was testing with my 4GB memory maxed out, seven Firefox windows open, one playing a low res Flash clip without stuttering, one allowing me to type normally whilst having 600+tabs open in that Window alone. Navigation and scrolling were unacceptably slow but it was not crashing. I associate seeing ~95% 4GB RAM when Firefox as extreme, use or in crash reports and fault discussion.

The SytemMonitor reported my (64 bit ) System as using 95% RAM a negligible amount on a plugincontainer1/3 GB on one Firefox process and about 2.5GB on the 2nd. The straw that broke the camels back was repeatedly dismissing the unresponsive script, then ticking the do not warn again option for about:memory.

It will not help you directly but consider turning on FHR and telemetry. At least your lousy performance with Firefox will be highlighted. I am not sure that it records the average or maximum number of tabs open but they do collect performance data and info relating to that, even the number of bookmarks.

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quick question about trying starting a new profile:

-as i will lost ALL the open tabs info on that profile: what can i do? going one by one?

-same with the extensions: installing them again the needed ones? one by one?

-cant i at least save my session from the profile im using and have it in the new profile?

sorry if the questions are too newbie-style ones... ;)

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