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how do I widen the screen. If I use zoom it only eliminates whats on the side.

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My screen is in the centre and only half used. I cant make it bigger with zoom as this only enlarges the details but not the size of the screen. It eliminates the details on the edge. I had a full screen originally but this only happened yesterday by itself. I need to increase the width.

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Is the problem that the window cannot be resized? Unfortunately, zooming and resizing the window are separate operations. Normally, you can enlarge or maximize the Firefox window in the same manner as other windows. If the window size is locked, it may have been a pop-up window. To open a new "normal" window, press Ctrl+n.

Note: I haven't used any of the Windows 8-specific features of Firefox, so there might be some differences I don't know about.

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You can check for problems with the localstore.rdf file.