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How can I see the date a site was visited in History?

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I'm trying to find a site that I visited on as specific date on Feb 11. I have the option to search by "This month," but that just shows me everything I've been to this month--I can't see things specifically from Feb 11.

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It all of a sudden seems so easy. Regardless, I've got what I need now. Thank you!

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You can add the visited date column to the list in the Library (Bookmarks/History Manager) view the Views menu button (second on the toolbar) or by right-clicking the header bar (right pane).

  • History > Show All History
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Just choose to sort the view using the date column.

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It all of a sudden seems so easy. Regardless, I've got what I need now. Thank you!

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If you know some relevant words from the page's title or URL, try the search box at the top of the Library dialog.

Maybe there is an add-on which makes history searching easy?

It is possible to run a search over a date range, using a "Smart Bookmark Folder" -- the ones with the blue search folder icon. But this requires a few steps...

First, you need to build the places search query to show URLs visited in a particular date range. The following script will show 3 pop-up dialogs: start date and time, end date and time, and then the query.

First, select and copy this to the clipboard:

prompt("Copy this query:","place:queryType=0&beginTime="+(1000*Date.parse(prompt('Start Date (e.g., 2/11/2013 0:00:00)','2/11/2013 0:00:00')))+"&endTime="+(1000*Date.parse(prompt('Start Date (e.g., 2/12/2013 0:00:00)','2/12/2013 0:00:00'))));

Next, in any Firefox tab, open the web console using Ctrl+Shift+k (on Mac I assume it's Cmd+Shift+k, or you can use Tools > Web Developer > Web Console)

Paste the script you copied next to the caret (>) and press Enter. The script is coded with the dates 2/11 at midnight and 2/12 at midnight as the beginning and end, so you only need to click OK for those. Select and copy the query displayed in the third dialog, which for me looks like this:


You're done with the web console and you can close that by pressing Ctrl+Shift+k again.

Open the Bookmarks Organizer AKA the Library dialog (Bookmarks > Show All Bookmarks or Ctrl+Shift+b).

Create a new bookmark on the Bookmarks Menu. On Windows, you right-click and choose New Bookmark; not sure on Mac.

In the Name, enter something like 2/11 History, and in the Location, paste your newly created places search query. Then click Add.

Next, drag the new bookmark to another location, e.g, a folder, the Bookmarks Toolbar, etc., within the Bookmarks Organizer. This forces Firefox to recognize it as a query-type bookmark. The icon should change from the dotted rectangle to the blue search folder icon.

Now click that icon to view the list. You will notice some more recent dates: these are URLs you visited both on the original date AND more recently.

Hope you can find what you're looking for.