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Blocked Java and no Click to Play option.

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Can someone please help? I am on FF 18, Windows XP and the latest Java (1.7.0_11). After spending many hours searching for and reading posts about FF blocking Java I fully understand the reasoning for this and it's fine by me BUT I do want to view/use java on trusted sites. The article, http://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/how-to-use-java-if-its-been-blocked , seemed clear and simple enough BUT when I tried doing this on the Oracle Java test page, like others, I did not get any option to 'click to Play'. There was no red icon in the address url box (to click on) but there was a yellow pop up strip containing a blue icon on the left, the notice that a plugin was required and a button to install it. Clicking on the blue icon did not bring up any 'click to Play' option and this icon does not appear in the address url box. Clicking on the install button does only take me back to the download page at Oracle (and we can go on ad infinitum on this route).

Java works fine in IE (according to the Oracle test page). I have noticed that in FF, when I go to the test page, for what must be a milisecond I see the Java verification screen (rotating circle of blue dots) but then it gets blocked with the greyed out box. There is no message on that box as described in the above article, only a message that a plugin is required, clicking on that again takes me back to a fresh download button.

I have tried uninstalling Java and then downloading a fresh one through IE but that does not make any difference.

What can I do to get the 'click to play' option to work (any route would be fine i.e clicking on an icon or the greyed out boxes?

I have found that there is a FF click to play switch Addon at, https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/click-to-play-switch/ but wonder if this would work if FF is already permanently blocking Java.

I am not a clued up techi guy so I can add any other info.

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You can see all about: protocol links on the about:about page for easier access.

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hello, in some instances firefox may not be able to detect that the java plugin is installed, because oracle made an error in registering the java plugin for mozilla-based browsers in version 7u10 & 7u11... this will apparently just be fixed with its 7u13 release.


for different workarounds & troubleshooting steps in the meantime see http://kb.mozillazine.org/Java#Windows_installation_issues

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Hi Madperson. Many thanks for the prompt reply (appreciated). I have read all the articles at the links you provided and have for the moment prepared to try another Java installation prior to the next release. As suggested in a mix of the articles, I have used the Add/remove programs to uninstal java and then ran the 'Fix It' tool at MS to see if all was uninstalled and it was. Looking into the list of IE addons there is no sign of Java BUT in FF the following is still listed, Java Deployment Toolkit (NP Runtime Script Plug-In Library For Java Deploy, (enabled). What do you suggest I do with this (should it be there and should I keep it enabled or not).

When it's time to download Java I will again do so in IE. I won't hold my breath though and will look out for the next release although in the article at the first link you gave me it does appear to say that the bug was fixed on the 17th Jan (or have I read it wrong). Before taking it off just now, the Java vrs I had was downloaded yesterday.

I for one know just how SERIOUS the consequences can be with Java vulnerabilities so any further advice now or later will be greatly appreciated.


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for me personally it worked by first manually deleting all the registry keys mentioned at http://kb.mozillazine.org/Java#Add_back_missing_registry_key (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MozillaPlugins\@java.com/JavaPlugin and the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\JavaSoft ones) & afterwards installing java again - but i don't know if this is solution that works generally.

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Hi again Madperson. I'm not a techi so you might have to hold my hand on this (your latest info). As yet I don't know how to look up registry keys so.....

Using RUN/ regedit, I found a main folder named JavaSoft. Inside this are folders:- a folder named Java Plug-in and inside that is (default) (Value not set)

a folder 10.7.2 and inside that is:- (default) (value not set), Java Home (C:\program Files\Java\jre7) Use Jave2 IExplorer Usenew Java Plugin

a folder named Java Web Start and inside that is:- (Default) (Value not set) current Version

another folder named 10.7.2 and inside that is:- (default) (value not set) Home c:\ProgramFiles\Java\jre7\bin Home

Should I delete the main folder? OR can you tell me how to see the actual registry keys which you mention?

In Program Files I found a folder named Java and inside this are the following empty folders:- jre6 bin lib + jre7 lib ext (but this has QTJava Zip inside it which I presume is related to Quick Time)

Should I delete anything here?

Thanks for your help, Bartoni

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hello, first of all please make sure, that you're in the right path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\JavaSoft - inside this main folder, as you call it, right-click & remove the Java Plug-in, Java Runtime Environment, Java Web Start subfolders...

then under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MozillaPlugins\ also delete the subfolder that starts with @java.com

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Hi Madperson. I'm sorry for being 'a bit slow on the uptake' but all this is new to me. Before I possibly make a mistake I need to double check with you based on what I see on my screen. To continue....

I am looking at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\JavaSoft in the left pane and if I right click on that all I see on the right is (default) and also sponsorsoffered. I need to left click on the JavaSoft folder to expand it and there I can see the Java Plug-In folder (containing a sub folder named 10.7.2), SO I delete this folder...yes?/No?

Below the Plug-In folder is another closed one named Java Web Start (containing a sub folder named 10.7.2), SO I delete this folder...yes?/No?

Below the Java Web Start folder is one name Prefs and clicking this shows (in the right pane) the word (Default). Do I delete this folder?

Nowhere in the JavaSoft folder family tree is there a folder named Java Runtime Environment!

I have located the @java.com folder in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MozillaPlugins so I will delete that okay when I hear back from you about the other items.

I must thank you for your patience in helping me, much appreciated, Bartoni

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Java Plug-In - yes Java Web Start - yes Prefs - no

when Java Runtime Environment isn't present continue anyway. after also deleting the @java.com folder reinstall java (but be careful to uncheck the option to install the ask toolbar that oracle will offer during the procedure).

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Hi Madperson. Many thanks and now I will get on with it and see what happens. Thanks for warning me about the ASK toolbar. I've already encountered that and apart from the disable function in browsers it's better to delete it in the ADD/REMOVE Programs list.

I'll let you know my results tomorrow (already spent hours again on this issue today).

Again thanks, Bartoni

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Back again sooner than I thought Madperson. If all that has been described so far fails to remove the Java Deployment Toolkit plugin from the FF Add-ons list, should I manually uninstall the plugin?


I have already tracked the filename and path down:- Windows/System32/npdeploy Jave1.dll

It's shown as an application extension of 840 kb (almost the same size as an online update).

Whats your advice? Cheers, Bartoni

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Hi Madperson. Part one:I followed your instructions and did the deletions and the plugin went from the FF add-ons lists (FF and IE).

Part two: I ran the offline Java download AND no asking about the Ask toolbar and it only took seconds for the 'Installation Succesful' screen to show (that was unusually fast).

Part three: In FF , I looked into the add ons and did see the new 'Toolkit' in pink and red giving warnings. So far so good (I thought) so I went to the Java test page and did get 'click to Play' balloon up' and chose to 'activate'. The test page detected Java on my system BUT the rotating circle of dots (which should change to a notice about the version installed) just kept going! It did not refresh after the stated 10-20 seconds. Thus indicating there was something wrong with the installation.

Part four: Obviously (I presume), I should again uninstall (done that), delete things as before and try another installation BUT before I do that.... I have noticed that there is a Java folder in my Program Files.

This folder contains two sub folders:-

  1. 1 is jre6 and it's folders, bin and lib are empty.
  1. 2 is jre7 and it's folders are bin which leads to lib which contains QTJava.zip

Should I delete (A) the main JAVA folder? yes/no Should I delete (B) the #1 folder? yes/no Should I delete (C) the #2 folder? yes/no

If these are deleted along with the registry keys you told me about I cannot find anything else related to Java on the system apart from also , application exstension npdeploy Java1.dll in the Windows System32 folder. should I delete this too?

Your advice would be greatly appreciated again and thanks for bearing with me on all this topic. Bartoni

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hello unfortunately i'm no expert for the internals of java, so i'm not sure if i'd be able to further troubleshoot the issue. however, you can certainly try the procedure that you've described (including deleting npdeployJava1.dll) - shouldn't be anything wrong with that...

when java is installed correctly, there should be two entries in firefox > addons > plugins: java platform (that's the main plugin, atm blocklisted for security reasons) & java deployment toolkit.

if java isn't working correctly despite those two entries showing up as expected you've made everything right on the firefox-site of things, but you also could go into the windows control panel > java section and clear all temporary data present in there. otherwise you'd have to contact oracle's support for further troubleshooting advice.

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Hi Madperson. MANY thanks. I shall get on with the task now and probably send you a report tomorrow so that you know what did or did not work as this might be handy for you to know anyway.

All the best, Bartoni

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Found more entries!!

in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SORTWARE\JAVASOFT\DeploymentProperties I see:- default, deployent.browser.path deployment.cach.max size deployment.console.startup.mode deployment.expiration.decision.10.11.2 deployment.javaws.autoload deployment.short cut deployment.modified.timestamp deployment.version

Then in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT I found:-

JavaWebstart.isInstalled JavaWebstart. JavaWebstart.isInstalled

Do you think I should leave all these alone or delete? Or more to the point, what would you do?

Cheers, Bartoni

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Hello Madperson. I didn't hear back from you regarding the other reg keys I mentioned so I didn't delete them. Here is my progress report:-

Part one.

After deleting all the originally discussed items and that .dll in the Windows/System32 folder, I did a fresh installation.

Part two.

Again the installation was rapid (no third party selection screen appeared), only about 45 seconds from the first splash screen to the last. I restarted the computer and then went into FF.

Part three, FIREFOX. This time in the FF add-ons list there is as you mentioned " plugins: java platform (that's the main plugin, atm blocklisted for security reasons) & java deployment toolkit." [previously I had only the java deployment toolkit in the list]. Original problem solved so I reckon there has been a success.

I EXPLORER. In the add-ons list there is:- Deployment Toolkit (activex Control.....deployJava1.dll Java(TM) Plug-in 2ssv Helper.... Browser Helpobject.jpzssv.dll Java(TM)Plug-In ssv Helper......Browser Helpobject.ssv.dll (all the same as in previous installations)

Actual results in FF. Going to the Java verification/test page DID bring up the 'click to play' balloon and it can be toggled in and out of vision by clicking on the red icon on the url address box. SUCCESS. Clicking on activate did produce a Java Control box containing data and then the standard firewall alert box came up asking if I want to run the application (which Java must use to get the information required to complete the verification). Clicked to allow and a few seconds later both boxes cleared the screen and I was left with a Congratulations that Java is installed message and the Version details are shown. A HUGE SUCCESS.

[my only concern is that it takes a couple of seconds before the balloon appears and if FF is not blocking the application during this time, then there is time enough for something nasty to get onto the system]

Actual results in I Explorer. Not so good! On the Java verification/test page, the 'detecting Java' message and rotating circle of dots just stays running as long as you are there (I gave it ten minutes and then clicked refresh but still no progress)!

[it could well be because I am using an old version of IE (6, for a specific reason). As it is, I hardly use IE anyway (only for two specific tasks on known trusted sites. For any very rare web browsing, I normally disable the Java plugin anyway]

Question time. In FF, for general browsing I would either disable Java in the Java Control Panel OR disable the plugins in the add-ons manager. Would you advocate me installing the FF plugin 'click to play switch' as described here instead as a faster route?:- https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/click-to-play-switch/ or is this really going to upset things?

Re IE. If you know of an issue for the negative result I have which may not be with me running an old version of IE, pleae could you let me know? Can't find anything in Google about this.

All in all I am delighted with the end result in FF and it's down to your help and patience (maybe also my 'dog with a bone' approach to get things sorted).

Thanks you, Bartoni

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hey, first of all the slight delay before the inbuilt java poup appear is normal (during this time the applet is downloaded, the signature checked, etc. before it is determined if the applet is executed automatically or if you're asked to allow the content - all of this is done by the java plugin itself, so firefox has no influence in that).

if click-to-play is turned on it has the disadvantage that it will block all sort of plugins (flash, pdf, etc.) at the moment - so you'd have to decide if this is too inconvenient for you, but it is possible to create page specific rules ("always allow plugins on this page"). it might still be considered a feature that is in its experimental state. you wouldn't need an addon for this, you can just enter about:config into the firefox location bar (confirm the info message in case it shows up) & search for the preference named plugins.click_to_play. double-click it and change its value to true.

whereas turning off java in the addons manager or through the control panel does require a few more clicks & a refreshing of the page when you want to enable it when needed.

so i guess it's up to you which way you prefer it...

ps. sorry i'm clueless about the IE internals.

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Many thanks again for the response and helpful reply. I can live with the IE issue as I always take extra precautions when using this browser.

Re. the 'click and play feature. I asked about the FFplugin (click_to_play) at https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/click-to-play-switch/ because apparently it puts a small icon on screen which can be used as a simple toggle switch to turn any plugin on or off, before a users browsing session gets underway. It's seems a simpler way to enable/disable Jave rather than through the extra clicks and refresh required using the Control Panel or the time needed to enter about:config.

Details about the plugin can be seen at the above address along with a few screenshots. It looks like an early version of the click to play feature we now have BUT that you can enable/disable it when you want.

What I do wonder though, is this now classed as an out of date plugin which might upset the new (superceded) default click to play feature OR is it in fact still a handy shortcut route to switch plugins on/off rather than the two methods you mention. Naturally my concern is, if installed will it conflict/upset what is already now working fine? I would just like a quicker way to disable/enable things before browsing rather than wait to encounter the balloon on a particular page.

Any advice again welcome. cheers, Bartoni

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as far as i can see the addon at https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/click-to-play-switch/ just offers a graphical user interface to turn on/off the setting in about:config which i've described above. it won't conflict with your configuration, but the warnings/opt-in you see only for out-of-date plugins at the moment will be expanded to all of the plugins embedded in websites.

however you can add exceptions (see screenshot) for your most visited sites.

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You can inspect and manage the permissions for all domains on the about:permissions page.

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Hello Madperson. Thanks for checking this out for me and the extra info. All VERY helpful. I think we can now say that my original issue has been more than completed. If the next Java auto update goes wrong (when Sun/Oracle get around to releasing it), I now know the full route I can go through to try and resolve it.

All the best, Bartoni

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Hi cor_el. Thanks for jumping in and telling me this. Much appreciated (as any help or advice is). I see what you mean and have made a mental note. Bartoni

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