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Download too large for Evernote to install so want to remove from iPhone 5. May have downloaded wrong version. How do I remove?

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Website automatically downloaded Firefox while I was looking for information. I think full computer version may have downloaded into iPhone5. although website shows App folder for installation process, in the iPhone5 the screen instructions say to open the file with Evernote. Enote says the file is too large to download. No App folder shows on the screen. When i open usual App folder, nothing there. So, Firefox appears downloaded but not installed, I think. How do I get this large file out of my phone? File does not show in the iPhone5 program list, probably because it has not been opened, so the usual delete process will not work. Please help.

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I'm not 100% sure what happened here, but it sounds like you somehow got a Firefox installer on your iphone?? Firefox isn't support and won't run on the iphone, so you should be able to just delete the installer.