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When clicking on a link within a pdf nothing happens. When I mouse over the link the cursor turns into a finger/hand with a W at the bottom.

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Both Adobe and Firefox are on the lastest versions. Clicking on the link deosnt bring anything up.

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Is the link in the stand-alone Adobe Reader, outside of Firefox, or in the plugin, displayed inside a Firefox tab?

External Software. Firefox 14 discontinued use of DDE, which seems to affect the ability of some users to open links from external programs. I'm not sure the pattern has been identified yet. Have you noticed this problem in any other applications? Do you start up Firefox in any special way, e.g., using a command line switch such as -no-remote or any kind of virtualization or sandboxing?

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Which PDF viewer are you using?

Is that done via an embedded viewer in Firefox?

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Adobe Reader is opening inside of Firefox.

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Does this only happen if you open the file embedded in Firefox and not when you open the external Adobe Reader (Tools > Options > Applications) ?

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Only when its embedded, I bumped the Adobe Reader version back down to 9.5 and it works as it should. Looks like its somekind of problem with version 10.

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Mouse-over on a link within a PDF should show the full URL. There are mentions in the Adobe forums that if the author of the PDF file did not include a proper link in the PDF file, clicking the link will not work. The full URL including http://www is suggested for PDF authors.

On my system, Firefox 14.0.1 with Adobe Reader (new version 10.1.4 security release 2012-08-14), the following occurs on a PDF file loaded within Firefox

  • if (within Adobe Reader) Edit > Preferences > Internet > "Display PDF in browser" is un-checked, the PDF file will open within Firefox but links within the pdf file do not open in a tab within Firefox
  • if that item is checked, links within the pdf file open in a Firefox tab

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Not related to your question, but...

You may need to update some plug-ins. Check your plug-ins and update as necessary (Adobe released updates to Flashplayer, ShockwavePlayer and Reader 2012-08-14, and Java has released updates also)

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