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Only sunday evening and this morning I have found videos stopping and starting by themselves with Firefox 4.1 with Linux Mint 11 live dvd. Not happened before

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Was watching bbc olympics on internet of Andy Murray live, then I went back to see last 5 minutes again (which had worked before also with bbc olympics and same Live Linux Mint 11 running Firefox 4.0.1) and then problem started. Since then I have had same problem with other bbc olympics videos or with youtube. Even recurred after restarting computer again with same live dvd -r even though I've been using this for internet over last months without problem. I notice that my modem can start flickering since I start videos and carry on flickering for a while after I stop video - but I don't know if that's relevant. I had thought this was to do with the bbc, but was then having same problems with youtube videos. Another thing might have been that I had earlier in the evening added the 'https finder .85' but this was only applicable during that session - unless somehow I've suffered repurcussions from the ISP for doing that??? Any ideas?

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Did you check in the System Monitor for programs that use a lot of CPU time and for (excessive) network traffic?