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How do I set the home page for a new tab?

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How do I set the web page for when I open a new tab? Whenever I open a new tab it goes to an error site which freezes my firefox browser for a while. How do I change that? I want to open new tabs with google being the home page. I need to set up the homepage for a new tab NOT a new window. Please help! !

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You can find the instruction on How to set the home page.

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If Google is set as your Homepage in Firefox you can middle-click (push down on the mouse wheel) to open Google in a new Tab.

Or, you can add the feature to Firefox where clicking the New Tab button on the Tab Bar opens your Homepage in a new Tab.

And if you have a different Homepage set, this extension allows for any page you set in the extension's options to open when you use the new Tab button.

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To set blank page as new tab you can alter config file by following intructions, near bottom of page in the link below.


If you want home page, follow the same instruction but type about:home instead of about:blank

Summary of steps shown below.

In the Location bar, type about:config and press ENTER

The about:config "This might void your warranty!" warning page may appear. Click I'll be careful, I promise!, to continue to the about:config page

Type browser.newtab.url in the search box.

Double-click the browser.newtab.url preference and change the url from about:newtab to about:blank (OR about:home if you require this).

Click OK and close the about:config tab.

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