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How can I fix "session restore" troubles?

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Some times, upon starting F.F. It hangs & I get the error message "Well, this is embarrassing. Firefox is having trouble recovering your windows and tasks,etc."! It suggests that I click "Start new session". When I do, it just hangs. To restore use of F.F. I have to shut it down & restart - some times twice.

Although I've been using F.F. for many years, this condition just started within the past week or two. It has severely interrupted my normal use of F.F. How can I fix it?

Best regards, Richard

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Your above posted system details show multiple Java Console extensions.
You can uninstall (remove) the Java Console extensions and disable the Java Quick Starter extension, you do not need them to run Java applets.

See http://kb.mozillazine.org/Java#Multiple_Java_Console_extensions

See also http://www.java.com/en/download/help/quickstarter.xml - What is Java Quick Starter (JQS)? What is the benefit of running JQS? - 6.0

Disable the Java Quick Starter extension: Tools -> Addons -> Extensions
Control Panel -> Java -> Advanced tab -> Miscellaneous -> Java Quick Starter (disable)

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Thanks for the reply. Per your suggestions, I Disabled the Java Quick Starter and Uninstalled all but one of the Java Console Extensions. This appears to have greatly reduced, but didn't fully eliminate the "session restore" hangs.

By the way, should I uninstall the remaining Java Console Extension? Would uninstalling then reinstalling F.F. help?

Now, I'm also seeing a new condition. If I start F.F. & it's left inactive for awhile (several minutes) it will usually hang & need to be restarted.

Best regards, Richard