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How do I get a normal view on Facebook on my laptop? It's filling entire screen!

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All of a sudden Facebook is HUGE. Not a normal screen view like it used to be. What setting would make it become so big? It happens at other sites too. Adobe. Gigantic screen view not normal. My web site looks normal. Can't figure out how it got huge.

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It is possible that the page has been zoomed in, see the Font size and zoom - increase the size of web pages article for details on how to reset zoom settings for each site.

Also see Websites look wrong or appear differently than they should for other possible causes.

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I tried that. I went to zoom in and tried it and it did not make the page smaller. That was my first thought. Thanks for writing but it must be something else. I wonder if I should reinstall firefox?

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Did you try to reset the zoom: View > Zoom > Reset ?

See http://kb.mozillazine.org/Zoom_text_of_web_pages

If it happens on every page the you may need to reset the Firefox plist file or delete localstore.rdf in the Firefox Profile Folder


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Well it looks like it only happens on Facebook. I am going to have to start using Safari to go there. Don't know what else to do. Looked all over Facebook to see if there is a reason.

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You can try to rename (or delete) the file content-prefs.sqlite in the Profile Folder