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Can’t access SSL site in Firefox.

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A am attempting to access a Cisco server with a self-signed certificate. I can access it in MSIE.

When I try to access the server, I get the Firefox error “This Connection is Untrusted”.

I choose the option to “Add Exception”.

The following dialog box says; “Valid Certificate. There is no need to add an exception”, and does not give me the ability to “Confirm Security Exception” like it normally would. My only option is to “cancel” and go back to the previous error “This Connection is Untrusted”.

How do I get Firefox to allow me to access this web server?

URL of affected sites

http:// private

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Yes! This is exactly my problem today. I keep getting "This Connection is Untrusted" for a server with a "wrong domain" certificate. (We're using https to get SSL encryption, not authentication.)

Normally, I click "I understand the risks" and tell it to "permanently store this exception", and it lets me through, at least for an hour.

Long-term problem: I've done this about two hundred times over the last several years, and it *still* coughs up this warning about one out of three attempts. (Yes, the system time is correct on my laptop. No, I don't do anything complicated about restoring settings or deleting cookies or anything like that.) I need a "really, really, REALLY permanently store this exception" button, not the "maybe sometimes store this exception for a while" button.

Today's problem:

I'm trying to get to foo.bar.com.

It chokes on an "untrusted" certificate, claiming that the certificate is valid only for www.bar.com. When I click it reloads the certificate and says... "This site provides valid, verified information"... to baz.bar.com.

Okay, so let's reload the page... and I'm back to "This Connection is Untrusted" — it's unhappy about the www.bar.com certificate again.

Seriously, I've done this cycle more than a dozen times in the last hour. How the heck do I get it to let me through to my server? And in the bigger picture, will we ever have a setting that says, "When going to foo.bar.com, just use SSL and do not even ask for the bleeping certificate"?

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