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some printer fonts are scrambled

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A few pages have scrambled printer fonts, not all. Tried troubleshooting with Reset Firefox printer setting and Reset all Firefox printer settings not even thinking about a refresh!

How to I clear the parameters that determine how the printer fonts are controlled. Seems like something is corrupted. Does not scramble most pages. Simplify Pages prints the same page correctly. Same pages print fine in Edge. document attached on how firefox prints the page and how edge prints the same page. Can't be the printer driver.

Eddie Colbert Jr eddielc@erols.com

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Hi Eddie. I can't tell what's wrong from the attached screenshot. Is that the file you intended to attach, since it doesn't seem to show a Firefox vs Edge comparison, unless I'm misunderstanding?

To help determine if this is some sort of corruption in your Firefox profile, it would help if you could create a new, fresh profile and see if the problem still occurs with that:


If it does not, it would be very helpful if you know of any publicly accessible pages that have this issue which would make it much easier for the developers to investigate and diagnose.