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Firefox location service causing wifi intermittent connection.

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Every time I'm using location service at a website via Firefox, whether it's Google Map, or any other website that has a map build-in with pinpoint my location feature, when I want to know where I am on the map, Firefox just cut down my wifi connection. The connection seems to be intermittent, meaning: computer will receive packets for couple seconds, and then it will pause for no reason, with zero packet transmission, then suddenly it will start receiving packets again and it goes on and on. Sometimes, the connection just cuts off completely for a minutes or two, just like a resetting, with no information being transferred.

I am using a USB wifi extender just for better signal receiving. This situation only happens with Firefox browser, Chrome and Edge have no problem at all. I've tried many helps from online, such as: disable IPV6, disable DNS prefetch, change a different network, disable all adds-on. None of these helped my problem.

Any ideas what should I do next?

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