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Google is automatically offering to share my info with every site I've opened today even though I'm using a different search engine. How can this be turned off?

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Can you please explain in which way Google is offering to share your info? Do you get a pop-up? Please clarify a bit more so I can understand.

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A blue pop-up box shows up in the upper right-hand corner on the home page of every visited website offering to share my Google e-mail address, location, and photo with each business.

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screenshot attached

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Not sure if you can turn this one off. It seems to be another one of Google's invasive tricks. From what I can see, using an alternative search engine such as Searx fixes this.

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I would suggest we troubleshoot it with simple steps. Let's start by going in private window: Private Browsing - Use Firefox without saving history Can you try this please? Go to the sites where you would get the pop-up and tell me if it still occurs in private window.

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Yes - it also occurs in a private window. Also, after I placed an order this morning another pop-up from Google wanted permission to send me a shopping survey. How is Google able to track me on a search engine that doesn't track its users?

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pixels777 said

How is Google able to track me on a search engine that doesn't track its users?

Hello pixels777,

This might be a good place to ask that question :