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Firefox 77.0.1 (64-bit) - Sometimes when clicking on a URL, as the page starts to load Firefox grabs the mouse pointer and freezes it making it impossible to do anything else until the page completely loads. Are there any settings that might cause this to occur or would prevent this from occurring?

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hello cs-temp,

Try clearing cache,

1. Click the menu button (3 horizontal lines on the top right of your screen)

2. Then click "Options". Once your there, Select "Privacy and Security"

3. In the section, Cookies and site data, click clear data.

4. Click clear if you want to clear cookies as well as cache. If not, uncheck the first box. Hit clear.

5.goto safe mode: ctrl+shift+N


Tell me if that helped ,

Thank you!

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Thanks for the response. It did not solve my issue. Firefox will grab and hold the mouse often and typically when it is loading a page from a site it has not been to in a while. The problem is grabbing and holding the mouse. No other program on the Mac does this that I can recall. It appears to be a quirk of Firefox that I wish would be resolved.

Thanks! --Carl--