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No access to throwaway primary email...

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I no longer have access to my primary throwaway email for sync. After the update, Firefox asked that I verify the login attempt, after successfully login in with login and password. Look at how DuckDuckGo resolves this problem - you only type the pass phrase to retrieve settings, instead Firefox requires some kind of identity verification. Stop lying by telling your users that you are privacy focused browser when you employ actual identify verification for That sync. Plus it makes no sense to disallow the user to change their primary email after they already logged in with no problem.

I need my bookmarks back. Your software developers failed to provide the user with the option to change the primary email of an already verified account. At this point I assume you are acting negligently in disallowing me to change the primary email address.

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I also would like you to post the statements of incomes on this page so I the users can see how much you are profiting from the users and yet fail to employ actual technical support team to resolve those problems.

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Sorry that you are having a problem with your Firefox Account, but the time to add a secondary email address is when you still have access to the initial email address that you used to create your Firefox Account for Sync services. Same holds true for switching from the initial (primary) email address to a secondary email address; that needs to be done while you still have access the the initial email address.

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How can I lose account that I have full access to and just no longer have access to primary email nor ever set up secondary email...

Are you following any logic of this?????