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URL to Saved Logins Manager

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The URL I used to use to get to password manager chrome://passwordmgrcontent/passwordManager.xul no longer works. Is there a similar URL that can be used in FF 66?

(I know that in later versions of FF there is a hamburger menu item for this)

A little bit more info:

Just tried it on FF69 Windows and it does work, but it does not work on FF66 Mac (which is where I need to use it). Not sure if it is the FF version or the OS

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What issues do you have in Firefox 67 and later with that website ?

Does using autoconfig.cfg also has this issue, because I haven't noticed issues when using these affected releases and I set some telemetry related prefs via this file (I do not lock them, but set a default value) ?

lockPref("datareporting.sessions.current.main", 0);
lockPref("datareporting.sessions.currentIndex", 0);

defaultPref("datareporting.healthreport.service.enabled", false);
defaultPref("datareporting.healthreport.uploadEnabled", false); //policy: DisableTelemetry
defaultPref("datareporting.policy.dataSubmissionEnabled", false); //policy: DisableTelemetry

defaultPref("toolkit.telemetry.archive.enabled", false);
defaultPref("toolkit.telemetry.rejected", true);
defaultPref("toolkit.telemetry.server", "");

defaultPref("toolkit.telemetry.unified", false);
defaultPref("toolkit.telemetry.unifiedIsOptIn", false);
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