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How do I change compatibility settings for ActiveX controls?

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  • Trả lời mới nhất được viết bởi dianne.reece

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When running compatibility check for program, says Support ActiveX control setting is FALSE. Assuming this is problem of all content not be accessible. Spinning wheel. Firefox does not support .doc image shot of compatibility check.

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Hi dianne.reece, ActiveX is proprietary to Internet Explorer. There is no setting to enable it in other browsers.

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Interesting. Thank you kindly for the info. Must be something else then. Program indicates compatibility with Firefox. Off to restart search for what else to try.

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What problem are you encountering?

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It's an online learning content program, no video just narration. At various points, they drill down into more details of concept, which is where program hangs up and quits playing.

1. 0 2. 0

   2.1  - plays
   2.2 - does not play

3.0 resumes playing

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Hmm, these are all individual videos (or Flash videos)? Does the player show a message, or it just stops loading more video?

It's difficult to guess what might be special about the problem ones. Firefox logs errors in each tab's Web Console. You can open that using Ctrl+Shift+K (or the Web Developer sub-menu) as soon as you realize it's not working. However, there can be a lot of clutter, so it might not be easy to find relevant messages, but maybe something will look like a clue?

Otherwise, you could check with the vendor on whether they are aware of the problem.

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Just stops loading more video. Solved the problem - switched browsers. :) thanks for the suggestions.