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My Windows 10 desktop taskbar won't pop up when Firefox is maximized.

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My Windows 10 taskbar is set to auto-hide. For some reason, with Firefox on my laptop (but not on my desktop computer), Firefox will not allow the taskbar to pop up. I have searched for multiple solutions, and attempted:

- Restarting with add-ons disabled. - Closing the browser and then renaming xulstore.json before restarting.

The only solution that has worked temporarily is going into full-screen mode then exiting it, but again, it is only temporary, as either minimizing the window or leaving maximized mode will cause the problem to reoccur when the window is maximized again.

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That sounds more like a Windows O/S issue. Did you also post this to a Windows forum for help on taskbar issues?

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This problem started for me in Firefox 70. I reluctantly upgraded from an older non-tab mandated version of Firefox to 70 and now I am regretting it. The damn taskbar is stuck behind firefox in full screen. Edge works just fine so does every other program I have that runs maximized. the windows position json trick does not work, moving the taskbar does not work, resolution changes do not work, f11 then back does not work; In (not so) short: nothing has worked. This only impacts firefox and it did not impact the previous version of firefox I had used before. Makes me regret upgrading firefox at all!

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