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Firefox 64Bit Windows 1809. firefox.exe -P calls strange site instead of showing ProfileManager. Die Verbindung mit dem Server www.xn--p-5gn.com schlug fehl.

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Hello, my Laptop Lenovo T420 Pentium 64Bit 4GB Ram Installed fresh Windows 10 1809 plus Firefox 64Bit. In order to use my profile I copied the Profile from my old laptop. Because I am not familiare with this process, I got problems to get the new Firefox to recognize my tranfered profile. Tried using the profilemanager to enter the new Firefox. Hit Windows-Symbol plus R to open command window, entered firefox.exe -p and got following Message:

Die Verbindung mit dem Server www.xn--p-5gn.com schlug fehl. (e.g. connection failed).

Searched entire sytem and registry, no match found. Did also check the system using program Malwarebytes. The Firefox itself is working correctly and the profile of the old Firefox has been correctly imported. I am concerned how (reproduceable) this site is called instead of the profilemanager. Regards Joe

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OK just found that the white window is right. It is just too big on my laptop screen to see the Menu Bar with buttons. My problem is solved, please mark it as closed!

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It's normal to have child processes. Something seems to be happening in the process of launching with the incomplete path before Windows launches Firefox, but I don't what that is.

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Hi jscher, some more info... I decided to reformat my HD and installed Win 1809 new. Added FF, found command firefox.exe -p calls the profilemanager. Installed my old saved profile. FF opens a new window, this time just w/o entry instead the faulty website.

Then removed FF with Revouninstaller, because FF leaves tons of Registry entries and files, when using the normal Windows de-installation. FF fresh installed from the Mozilla website. Command firefox.exe -p calls the profilemanager. Inserting my old profile and started FF. A window shows up, saying thy are sorry, but unable to open my last page. Selectet start new one and an total empty is opened (just a white window w/o any data). Killed this an started FF new. This time my bookmarks show up

and all data as expected.

Now executing firefox.exe -p opens a normal new window instead of the profilemanager. It is proved, that FF can change its behavior, when an old profile is added. I don´t understand why my 2nd Laptop calls correctly the profilemanager, as I did it the same on both devices. From my side the problem can be closed, as I am now sure, that no virus is involved. Jscher, thanks for your help and time, best regards Joe

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You only get the Profile Manager when Firefox is completely closed and no Firefox processes appear in the Windows Task Manager. So if you a new window instead of the Profile Manager then it sounds that some Firefox components are still active.

Use one of these to close Firefox if you are currently doing that by clicking the close X on the Firefox title bar.

  • "3-bar" menu button -> Exit (Power button)
  • Windows: File -> Exit
  • Mac: Firefox -> Quit Firefox
  • Linux: File -> Quit
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Hi cor-el. you are right, I can confirm this. If I start Windows new, after a shutdown, the profilemanager shows up, running firefox.exe -p. But on the next start of FF a white window appears. It has no no Buttons to close it and must be forced down from the Task Bar. At the next start of FF everything is as expected.

What you are telling us, regarding left over FF-Processes, after FF is closed, that sounds not so good. It would eat up system resources. Joe

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OK just found that the white window is right. It is just too big on my laptop screen to see the Menu Bar with buttons. My problem is solved, please mark it as closed!

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