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Request to add an option to disable Windows 10 theme/enable Windows 7 theme to allow glass support (using Aero Glass program)

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Hello there,

For the benefit of Windows 10 users who have installed and enabled glass support via Aero Glass (glass8.eu), is it possible to add a toggle (perhaps in about:config) to allow disabling the default blue theme (specific in Windows 10) and enable a theme that supports glass (like Windows 7) so the title bar can be rendered with glass?

For example: Chrome users report that disabling the custom title bar, via chrome://flags/#windows10-custom-titlebar, enables glass support to function beautifully.

In the case of Firefox, there are two methods I've found to accomplish the desired effect but both come with caveats.....

The first is utilizing a userChrome.css script which does the job but creates overlay issues with the minimize, maximize and close buttons.

The second involves editing the firefox .exe and removing the windows 10 ID entry. This displays all elements, including aeroglass, perfectly but breaks compatibility with sites that cross-check the agent ID in Firefox and OS (i.e Netflix).

As long as a toggle can be used to load the Windows 7 theme (with glass support enabled, of course), or whichever method is deemed the best for this use case, then this would make the life of Windows 10 & Aero Glass users much easier.

Assuming that accomplishing this isn't a monumental task (and could also be extended to Thunderbird), that would be awesome!

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What it seems like what your asking for goes beyond helping with default firefox installs. Anything beyond browser is something the site your using to custom your firefox to resolve. Also firefox doesn't have Microsoft access to the O/S to do what your asking.

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Hi WestEnd. Cheers for the feedback.

Fortunately, in this case, the code base for Firefox does not need to be inherently tampered/modified with in order to function/co-operate with Aero Glass.

If my understanding is correct, Firefox enables a specific theme for Windows 10 (and, subsequently, disables/removes Aero support entirely) when the installer/executable detects the Windows 10 ID.

From my experimentation with removing the Windows 10 ID entry in the Firefox executable, Firefox then reverts to using the Windows 7 ID entry which, in turn, was enough for Firefox to allow/request glass usage and Aero Glass did the rest.

So similar to what Chrome offers towards disabling its own custom Windows 10 theme (chrome://flags/#windows10-custom-titlebar), which in turn toggles on the Windows 7 Aero supported theme & subsequent glass support via Aero Glass, the request here is to enable the same principle in Firefox (and Thunderbird, if possible, too!).

Hope that clarifies the logic and request. :)