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Allow geo location for all sites

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When I click the link in the answer to this question I get the error that says PAGE NOT FOUND. How I can set my location for all sites? Or can I just choose to set it site-by-site?

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Hi fergus0n, Firefox doesn't have a feature to set a specific location.

If a site asks Firefox to share your precise location, Firefox will ask you whether you want to do that. It then will use available information -- such as nearby wi-fi hotspot names provided by Windows, which Google knows the locations of -- to calculate your lat/lon and send that to the site.

If you don't approve the site getting that information -- it could be just a little too personal for most sites -- the site can get a rough location based on your IP address, and use information you provide to the page directly or indirectly (for example, by signing in using a social network profile that contains location information).