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When I try to use Cornell's "AllAboutBirds.com" website, Firefox freezes (Safari doesn't), and I need to restart my computer to get Firefox back..

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For years I've used Firefox and the AllAboutBirds.com website with no trouble. A few weeks ago Firefox started freezing up whenever I used the website. The website is for bird identification and has videos, sound clips, comparative photos, etc. FIrefox usually doesn't freeze up immediately when the website opens, only after I've clicked a link or two -- but it doesn't seem to matter which links. I just updated Adobe Flash and that does not help. As noted above, I can use the website with Safari, but I prefer to use Firefox. This does not happen on any other website I've visited.

Any suggestions welcome. Thanks!

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I tried loading http://allaboutbirds.com/ but all I got was a blue rectangle at the top of the page.

I got the same thing when I tried Win IE

I called for more help.

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This page redirects to the info "This page is for sale".

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The correct address (URL) to that site is :

www.allaboutbirds.org (org instead of 'com')

As for the problems you are experiencing : might be related to the fact that you're using (have to use, because of your OS version) an old Firefox version.

The site doesn't give any technical information - maybe you could contact them  ?