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Is there a way to expand items in the Menu by just hovering over them with my mouse without having to resort to using the otherwise redundant Menu Bar?

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more options

When I open the Menu and hover over the options (Library, More, Web Developer, Help) with my mouse, the drop down expansion does not appear. I have to manually click on the options for the expansion to appear on a separate page. This is true even if I add the options to my Toolbar. For example, I added the Library tab to my Toolbar, and hovering over the "History" tab does not show a drop down of my history. Again, I have to manually click on my history to see it.

I read in a different question posted in this forum that this "feature" may be intended: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1187766

However, if it is an intended feature to force you to click on options before expanding them in the Menu, then this "feature" is inconsistent. When I added the Bookmarks Tab to my toolbar, hovering over items such as "Recent Bookmarks" or over Folders that I created in my Bookmarks tab creates a drop down expansion of the items in that Folder without having to manually click on the folders.

Additionally, if I enable the Menu Bar and allow it to appear at the top of the Browser, hovering over each item with an expansion arrow, such as "History" and "More" does create a drop down expansion without having to manually lick on the item.

Is there a way to expand items in the Menu by just hovering over them with my mouse without having to resort to using the otherwise redundant Menu Bar?

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more options

The "3-bar" menu button open a doorhanger and behaves differently then a normal menu. All sub menus open in the same doorhanger and to need to click an item to open the sub list and click another time to close the sub list.

If this is about bookmarks and history then there are specific buttons available in the Customize palette that work if you drag them to the Navigation Toolbar (they may work differently in the overflow area).

more options

I have customized by Navigation Toolbar by adding items from the "3-bar" menu. So far, only the "Bookmarks" icon in my Navigation toolbar will display sublists when I hover over the Sublist title with my mouse. Any other item from the Menu that is added to the Navigation toolbar requires me to click on the sub-menu title in order to open the sub-menu listed items.

It is just strange to me that all the items in the 3-bar menu require me to click on them in order to open the sub-menu even if I add that menu item to my Navigation toolbar except for the Bookmarks icon when added to my Navigation toolbar. It's even stranger that enabling the old-school, and now redundant, Menu Bar allows me to hover over sub-menus to access the drop-down list when the 3-pronged menu doesn't allow me for me to do despite being the more "advanced" version of the Menu.