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I am developing a password wallet application, I need an api from Firefox to send password (to last focused password field)

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I am developing android, IOS, OS X, Linux password wallet application, I need an api from firefox to securely hand over the password, I do not want to use clipboard as other applications can watch, I do not want to enable accessibility permitting other applications to also gather all your bank account details.

I need the browser help to provide this secure wallet. you can also say the wallets need to expose this exact api in this way so, firefox will access it.

You are doing great job, I do know firefox provides a wallet. Still some people prefer different wallets on the market for their different reasons and comfort levels. I am creating just one of those wallets. Your helping hand is very much appreciated as this will also allow competing password management apps benefit by not enabling accessibility and exposing user browser details to more apps that got the permissions.

Please advise and be considerate for your clients who might love using browser but want a different kind of wallet.

This is an important feature that will improve security of existing wallet applications. You can also collaborate with chrome or IE if you like to create a standard way for thirdparty wallets to provide the credentials securely to the browser.

Thank you for your time and You guys are saving the world by creating a great browser.

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example one api call asking " user id, user password, security question1, security question2"

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Not only normal users but business applications can also benefit from this api