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Turning on Accessiblity

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I am developing a screen reader for Mac using the Accessibility API.

How do I switch on Accessibility in the browser and how do I tell Firefox I am a screen reader? There seems to be no option to expose the web content like other browsers.

about:support -> accessibility->activated is always false.

Thank you for your time.


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Thanks for your fast reply.

I've actually read these many times today, unfortunately, unless I'm missing something, none of them say how to actually turn on accessiblity to expose the web content?

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Is there nothing in the Developer as that link is 1st of many as to how too's I think.

What about in Firefox Developer Edition it self ?

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For development maybe, I'll take a look at the Developer Edition.

I would have thought though you can expose the web content for a screen reader via one of the Firefox Accessibility options.

In Chrome, it's as easy as going to chrome://accessiblity and turning on the option, I assume Firefox doesn't have any thing like this was is surprising as the current set of Accessibility options don't help?


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I am sure it is. I just do not know it. Someone will get back to you I am sure about the guts of the project.


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Ok, thanks for your help and the link..

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