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I am unable to open word documents that come from the web, for example, an attachment in a student LMS. I get the download box and its

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I recently upgraded. Now, when I want to download a word doc (not a PDF) from a website, like Pupil Path, an LMS for students, the document will not open. You can see from the image below what is happening. I can open PDFs, and that is because I made an adjustment in preferences, but there is nothing for the word program. Please help.

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Unfortunately the image upload failed. Can you try to attach it to a reply?


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So the file is a .doc or .docx file but Firefox is recognizing it as a .pdf file?? That is really very odd. If you save the file and try to open it in either Word or your preferred PDF reader, does it work?

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On Firefox, I cannot open word docs that are attachments in web-based program...nor can I open PDFs (I just discovered this). I can, however, open them on Safari. My settings in Firefox are not doing something, but I can't figure it out.

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Do the files have the correct file extension (.pdf) in case this matter on Mac? Can you open the files in Preview on your Mac?

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Hi malamumingi, you wrote:

On Firefox, I cannot open word docs that are attachments in web-based program

What happens when you try to open them? This is still not clear to me.