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I managed to pin 35 tabs, pinning more proved to be hard; is there an option to have 2 or 3 rows of pinned tabs. this is not a joke, i really want that :)

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more options

its hard to pin more tabs because ATM I can't see the new tabs, ergo, can't pin new tabs

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more options

In about:config see these two preferences. browser.newtabpage.columns browser.newtabpage.rows

more options

It this about pinning tabs on the Tab bar?

Maybe Tab Mix Plus can do this.

more options

Before I use an AddOn, is there a way to add another Row of Tabs?

I have some Pinned Tabs that take up over half the current view. This leaves me to horizontally scroll the remaining Tabs that are over 100.

If I can have the Pinned Tabs on the top row, and the remaining Tabs on Row 2, this would be great.

I saw in the About:Config the "browser.newtabpage.rows" is set at 3. Does that mean I can have up to 3 Rows? If so, I don't see how that's done.

I've always had only the 1 row for Pinned and UnPinned Tabs.


- Pj