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64bit version of Firefox soon?

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I sometimes have a lot of tabs open in a window and Firefox doesn't seem to like that. Seems like a 64bit version would fix that issue, assuming memory limitations. I like Firefox and would like to continue using it, but would like a 64bit version.

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When you say 64-bit Firefox you mean for Windows as Mac OSX (combined 32/64) and Linux has had 64-bit for Release ever since Fx 4.0. For Mac and Linux it was both easier and needed.

For Win64 the earliest there may be is Firefox 37.0 in a first phase if all goes well in best case scenario. https://wiki.mozilla.org/Firefox/win64

Since Win32 works fine and Win64 is not needed in order to run Firefox on 64-bit Windows it has not been a priority to get through the different hurdles in having Win64 Firefox for Release until again more recently.

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That is something that has not had much work on it until recently.

IIRC work is being stepped up but I am not sure any Release is imminent. I found this

This suggests it could be as early as Firefox 37

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