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Windows 8 and CSS problems (FF 16 & 17)

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I just got a brand spanking new Win 8 computer (intl English). The only things installed on it are Adobe Master's Collection, Steam, Office and Firefox. In addition I tried installing adblocker, because that's a must for me and if this problem is resolved by removing it I will have to switch to another browser.

Now, the problem is that FF is having problems loading pages with CSS. Occasionally, this results in a pages with nothing at all (except background color, it seems) or with just unformatted text. Most of the time this is fixed by doing a shift+reload, but not always. Some times it's just partially fixed and some elements don't load still.

I've tried disabling all extensions and plugins and I've also tried resetting FF. The problem always comes back. I've even tried resetting my hosts file.

Do you have any more ways of fixing it? I believe I've done everything in my power, except change browsers (which I really don't want to do unless it's my only option).

The only thing I haven't tried, which I'll try now, is unpin all my app tabs and see if that fixes anything. I'll update this if I can...

Pages affected: Facebook (some of the time), Couch Potato (installed on my server - never seen this on other computers or even other browsers on my computer, always), MyFitnessPal (occasionally), and some low-tech dating page I'm on.

Cheers, Lars

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oh boy don't want to jinx myself but I think it's gone away!

I'm inclined to think it was me deleting the samsung software but as stated couple posts up I had already tried this and it didn't work at that time.

What I think the culprit is, as most instructions state, is to clear the cache after doing this, which I had, but I think the cache wasn't properly or fully cleared. I saw a reference somewhere else and someone had stated to use ccleaner to FULLY clear all cache's as the browser options don't thoroughly get rid of everything.

So this is the only thing I have changed since my post, plus I deleted one more samsung app (SWUpdater I think it was called) and so far it's been the longest I've gone and the issue has NOT returned in either browsers!

So for everyone still experiencing the issue try ccleaner for clearing the caches.

Post back your results.

I have created BugZilla Entry...

... to tackle the problem. So far it seems like I got some positive response on my report. I'll do some testing for them later tomorrow and will report how things are coming.

BTW the gmail getting stuck is due to the javascript files not being loaded. I suspect this is all the same phenomenon that the cache is either not saved to disc correctly or too much data is purged when the cache starts to clean up.

This is just an educated guess, but hopefully further testing will reveille the actual problem.

For those who supposedly solved their problem:

I hope you've found a way around it permanently, but it might return again for good. I for my part will want this problem reproducible to find the root cause to fix it correctly.

You should have added that it is also a Chrome problem...and at least for many people it IS related to Samsung Software (e.g. Support Center) that adds some "diagnostic tools" to the System.

Today I updated the BIOS (to Version P10AAH) of my Samsung laptop following a new release in SW Update, but I can confirm that this did not resolve the problem in Firefox.

I will continue using Chrome with the partial solution I previously posted until I hear the outcome of the Bugzilla or another fix. I have not tried uninstalling the support center yet, as others have suggested.

Just try it. You can easily re-download and re-install it.

Still gone for me so I'll consider it a fix for me, again:

(Samsung 7 Series)

  1. Removed SWUpdater and Support Center
  2. Used CCleaner to fully clear all internet cache's
  3. Rebooted

That's it! Days with no issue, both FF and Chrome. The gmail loading/hanging issue went away too!

airbuz மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

Exactly: Still no issues since 3 days now (compared to hourly errors). I am still a bit further: You can safily reinstall SW Updater, no issues with this tool (and far more helpful than the Support center).

Yes, I also have Samsung series 5 and windows 8. And have the same problem. Firefox and Samsung has to do something about it!!!

I have problems with facebook, (Russian facebook), gmail, and amazon so far.

Same problem with css on all borwsers. trying the SW updater and support center uninstall. @the ancient: where can I find the SW updater tool to reinstall?

Just check the Samsung support pages and drill down to your specific device and operating systems. Can't provide you a link here, but it is really easy.

@theancient: wish it were that easy.

I went to the website of samsung support, they gave me a link to update driver tools. Then I had to reboot the laptop. I needed to do some work on installing everything again, but the problem is resolved now.

I have the same problem (windows 8, samsung laptop, firefox 18).

sorry for my English.

I tried to shut off hardware acceleration and set internet connection "without proxy", then I tried to set manual cache size, all these things doesn't work.

I disabled Support Center auto start in Task Scheduler ( S Agent ) and it works. I didn't clean cache with ccleaner only in normal way per button clear cache in options. Pages loaded properly for one day. But now I can`t load facebook page and it isn't css error, I can't connect to this page. All another pages work good only this silly page won't load. I cleaned cache with ccleaner and disabled SW updater but nothing helps. Any idea what else can I do ?

So glad i found this! Thought i was going nuts as i have had this same issue in both Chrome and FF since i upgraded my Samsung Series 7 laptop to Windows 8. It seems this is an issue with Samsung machines so im going to head over to Samsung and speak to them there and show them this link. You shouldnt have to uninstall and screw around with their software or use workarounds for something simple like using a web browser. If i hear anything back i will post it here.

Hi guys, do not worry! Samsung has already fixed the problem, you just need to update windows. I chat with Samsung operator and he gave me a link for an update. Everything is fine now.

What is the link please Robby? I just spoke to Samsung support and they were rubbish. Tried to blame everyone else and said "well no one else is reporting this issue". I had pasted the link to here but they said they couldnt view third party websites. So i pasted snippets from here but still a no go.

Shane, the link was But I am not sure, if it is the same for every samsung?

You also need to reboot the system afterwords.

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