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Windows 8 and CSS problems (FF 16 & 17)

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I just got a brand spanking new Win 8 computer (intl English). The only things installed on it are Adobe Master's Collection, Steam, Office and Firefox. In addition I tried installing adblocker, because that's a must for me and if this problem is resolved by removing it I will have to switch to another browser.

Now, the problem is that FF is having problems loading pages with CSS. Occasionally, this results in a pages with nothing at all (except background color, it seems) or with just unformatted text. Most of the time this is fixed by doing a shift+reload, but not always. Some times it's just partially fixed and some elements don't load still.

I've tried disabling all extensions and plugins and I've also tried resetting FF. The problem always comes back. I've even tried resetting my hosts file.

Do you have any more ways of fixing it? I believe I've done everything in my power, except change browsers (which I really don't want to do unless it's my only option).

The only thing I haven't tried, which I'll try now, is unpin all my app tabs and see if that fixes anything. I'll update this if I can...

Pages affected: Facebook (some of the time), Couch Potato (installed on my server - never seen this on other computers or even other browsers on my computer, always), MyFitnessPal (occasionally), and some low-tech dating page I'm on.

Cheers, Lars

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Thanks Robby. Just checked and i already am on version

Thanks for posting that link. I posted a comment at the end but its probably best i post it here. (Edit: It still displays at the end so guess you cant reply to individual posts) I downloaded the file and then checked my version of SWUpdate and saw i was already on that version so didnt need to update. I think i may have installed the updated version last night but im not 100% sure. I know i updated the graphics card but cant remember if i updated SW update as well. I cant remember if i have experienced the issue today or not today? I have got so used to just going in and clearing my cache and reloading the page since i upgraded to windows 8 that its become second nature. I cant get it to do the error right now though so maybe it is fixed? It is usually very frequent i know that and i cant get it to do it now which is a good thing. I will try it out for the rest of today and if it still doesnt do it then hopefully your post will help others out that have the issue. SW Update is very handy so removing it is a pain especially with windows 8 being a very new OS that no doubt more issues will be found inrelation to drivers and software.

shane_tactical1 மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

As mentioned: My problem wasn't SW Update but Support Center. SW Update is already running. Meanwhile weaks are ago since i deinstalled Support Center and the error hasn't returned. I consider it fixed, cause was defintly some Samsung crap software (Support Center), which i still do not understand fully is the purpose of the software and what it really does. It seems to hook in somewhere in the system for diagnostic stuff.

There was an update to support centre quite recently TheAncient so maybe that fixed it? You removed an older version and then reinstalled a new, fixed version perhaps?

Im using ver of the support center and version of SW Update. I havent had an issue as of yet since i posted so maybe updating SW Update yesterday (I think) does fix this issue like Robby said. I think that anyone else that comes here with this issue its worth comparing version numbers of them two pieces of software. Dont know if i just got a dodgy help person but this is the highlights of my convo with Samsung. I have skipped the part where i explained the problem as everyone knows what that is and straight to her reply. I had also provided her a link to here which she said she could not open as they cant open third party links.

Diana K :

  I understand your concern, but there are no reported issues with the Laptops.

Me :

  well im reporting the issue now arent i

Diana K :

  For Windows 8, you need to install all the drivers on the Laptop to access the websites.

Me :

  i have done all of that

Diana K :

  They are no reported issues on our Samsung websites.

Me :

  it is all over the chrome and firefox support sites

Diana K :

  Have you upgraded the Laptop or is it a default OS?


  upgraded, but this issue is occurring on both upgrades and fresh laptops with windows 8 packaged on them

Diana K :

  Windows 8 is not default software, you've upgraded it, so try to contact Micorsoft regarding the issue once.

Me : I'm going to be posting this chat onto those forums when i'm done as all you are doing is looking to pass the blame the issue is not on any other laptops, it is on samsung laptops

She then told me to just phone in as she couldnt do much.

shane_tactical1 மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

I have just got the issue again so on my machine having, what i believe is, the most up to date version of SW Update and Support Centre didnt remove the issue altogether. Its not as frequent though now.

Forget Samsung support, I already tried to mail them. I AM using a brand new Series 9 notebook with preinstalled samsung crap software.

Even the old version of SW Update worked fine for me, but I did also update the version a couple of days ago. Not sure which versions runs currently (now using my desktop).

I don't care about Support Center any longer, I don't want to have such software on my system, It digs in place where it has nothing to search and I think it will not help you for anything. Even SW Update is crap, sorry. No descriptions, no display of current versions. Sorry Samsung FAIL. Built hardware and leave software to someone who is able to do it. It is really annoying.

Yeah i agree they suck at software. Kies is just terrible. What did you mean no version number on sw update though? I can see the version number of everything. I have uninstalled the support centre to see if that fixes it. I have the samsung series 7. After upgrading to windows 8 the dual graphics cards didnt function correctly and so my image files in photoshop and illustrator rendered terribly. Im a designer so that was a big issue. I fiddled with updated drivers from intel and amd trying to fix the issue. I got it working but at the expense of not being able to use the brightness controls. An sw update finally fixed the issue though. So it can be useful. My biggest issues since upgrading to windows 8 are this and a BSOD if i leave my external HDD plugged in and the laptop goes to sleep.

I would expect displaying the current (!) version of the installed software and a description/changelog of all available udpates until the newest. The most simple thing. They can hide it unter "Advanced" should it be too much information for the common user. A recommendation if an update is critical/recommended/optional is fine.

The software totally failed on the BIOS Update. I did this manually then.

What it does: Displaying the newest version, no description of anything. I am not even really sure if I have the software installed it displays. Not as worse as KIES but still no highlight.

You can check the drivers by going to device manager and then checking the version number to verify that its right. I haven't had an issue with the updater. Its been quite useful for me. I got the series 7 as it has 8GB of ram and an i7 processor. I love the laptop but i think i should have held off upgrading to Windows 8. I use Firefox and Chrome daily when i'm building websites so its a pain having this issue.

Hey, I appreciate this information. I encountered this thread a week ago through a search after seeing a thread with a number of other Samsung users having the same problem. I never would have guessed it was specific to Samsung computers if I hadn't encountered that thread by chance. I uninstalled Samsung Support Center and I haven't had a problem since. Really, I was going insane. I had tried every solution I could think of and absolutely nothing worked.

Thank you!!!

I uninstalled samsung update and firefox works again.

I have a brand new Samsung NP780Z5E, and I'd had this happening to me since I got the computer. Didn't even think it was a Samsung-only thing. I was having the problem regardless of the browser that I use, so then I thought it must be something with the computer. All software is up-to-date, and I tried to uninstall most of the bloatware. Looks like I will have to go further and uninstall the Samsung-branded support center. It's pretty absurd if their software is interfering with the loading of CSS. Not even sure how they would program something like that.

Edit: after uninstalling Support Center, I'm still having the error with a few sites, but it's not as bad as it was before.

ap11 மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

Same annoying problem here with Firefox styles. I am using a new Samsung laptop and the styles are not loading sometimes for some webpages. Refreshing the page always helps but is getting tired.

I uninstalled Samsung Support Center with no solution to the problem. Still the css is not loading. Any other suggestions?

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