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FF keyboard shortcut "move tab to start" (ctrl + shift + home) does not work

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FF keyboard shortcut "move tab to start" (ctrl + shift + home) does not work for me. I've tried using my regular FF profile (a dozen addons or so) and a VANILLA profile with no addons. The same is true for Ctrl+Shift+End shortcut.

i've also tried on two different keyboards.

so, is it me, is the documentation wrong or is this broken?


Joe P

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Hi Joe, I never tried this before, but it doesn't work for me either. I saw a bug report for Firefox 90 which referenced this function still working (just not the way the person who filed the bug wanted it to), so maybe it's a very recent change/mistake.

It's a little confusing because in a text entry field, or when I click on the body of a page, these keys select content. I wonder whether this is linked to a cursor-related to selection-related setting?

There is a tool to figure out exactly what patch caused a change in behavior. If you have high bandwidth and some time, you could take a look:


thanks. okay.. more playing around found: the proviso is

" requires the currently selected tab to be "in focus" for instance, by hitting Alt + D to focus the address bar, and then Shift + Tab until you reach the browser tab bar. "

The TAB bar (and the current tab) does not get focus by just Clicking on the TAB itself in the tab bar. Instead one must go through Alt+d and then hit the tab key MANY MANY times to focus the tab (whose title is then encapsulated in a box, which I've never noticed).

Let's face it: focus is a pain the butt with FF.


Ah, maybe that is why there is an add-on like:


I guess I'll check that one out. I used to use Saka-key for MANY shortcut customizations, but support has waned and it's too problematic now. I now use "link hints", but it is extremely limited (which I like: hopefully that means it won't ever break!). Before all those there was MouselessBrowsing, but that went away with the major change to add-ons back around v56 or something.

thanks Jscher2000 for the info on move-tab-hotkeys!


I can get the first tab with alt+1 and the last with alt+9. On your system that may be ctl instead of alt. The combinations you mention have never worked for me.


@terryn21 : alt+1 does nothing for windows. it is not a documented shortcut. CTRL+1 does, however, activate TAB number 1. CTRL+2 is 2... etc. HOWEVER, that is not the solution because THEY DO NOT FOCUS said tab.


See also:

Note that these items are also present in the Tab bar context menu under "Move Tab".


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