Disconnect your Mozilla account from Lockwise

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Effective December 13, 2021, Mozilla has ended support for the Firefox Lockwise app on Android and iOS. To continue to access and use your password management, see End of support for Firefox Lockwise.

The Firefox Lockwise add-on is connected to your Mozilla account. You can disconnect your current Mozilla account and connect a different one at any time. Your synced Firefox Lockwise entries will be removed, but your Firefox entries will not be deleted.

Lockwise for iOS

  1. Open Lockwise and tap the settings icon in the upper right.

    lockwise settings ios
  2. Tap Account.
  3. Tap Disconnect Firefox Lockwise.
  4. Tap Disconnect to confirm.

Lockwise for Android

  1. Open the Firefox Lockwise for Android app.
  2. Tap the Firefox Lockwise menu.
  3. Tap Account.

Lockwise on desktop

The Firefox Lockwise Password Manager has been built into Firefox since Firefox version 70. If you use a Mozilla account to sync logins and passwords with other devices, you can disable Sync or change your Sync settings. See Disable Firefox Sync for details.

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