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I am trying to play my fv2 game on zynga and as soon as I log into zynga i am thrown into the log in screen for face book. I want to play my zynga game not lo

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Whenever I try to log in on zynga games it then throws me to the facebook sign in page. I have a face book account but I donot want to sign in. It is under a different email then the one I am using to sign in on zynga. How do I stop zynga from redirecting me to facebook. If I wanted to play on my facebook account I would sign in on facebook.

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Hello there,

Facebook login screen could be cached in your system and thats why your being redirected there.

Follow the easy steps below to clear your browsing cookies and cache:

1. On Firefox click on the "Menu" button and select "History" 2. Click "Clear Recent History" and choose "Everything" 3. Click "Clear Now"

Hope this helps!