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Why does the cursor always jump from the page to the address field, even after the page is loaded?

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When interacting with a website, the cursor will automatically jump to the address field if something is being typed on the webpage (the touchpad is not being touched). Similarly, if the down arrow is pressed, it automatically scrolls down from the address field instead of scrolling down the webpage. This seems to occur across the board with websites. If in a text box, then the arrow key moves the cursor in the text box. Otherwise, the arrow key defaults to the address field.

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Hit F7 and see if that changes things.

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fn7 is a nice thought, but it still doesn't solve the issue. When the page loads, the address field is the automatic location.Is there a way to change the automatic location on a page load to somewhere else. An example is that it used to be that one could use the backspace key automatically to go to the previous page, but with the automatic move now to that address bar, backspace only serves to clear the field.