How do I copy and paste text on Android?

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Note: This article doesn't apply to your version of Firefox. It requires the latest Firefox version which can be downloaded from

Firefox for Android lets you easily copy and paste text. This article will show you how it's done.

  1. Long-tap a word to select it on a web page or within an entry field.

    Select word
  2. Drag the set of bounding handles to include the amount of text you want to copy.

    Select sentence
  3. Tap the selected text again to copy to the clipboard. A message appears indicating that the text was copied.

    Clipboard message
  4. Long-tap the entry field where you want to paste the text. A paste button or menu option appears.

  5. Tap Paste. The text from the clipboard is pasted into the entry field.

    paste text

Firefox for Android does not support copy and paste, but it is fixed in the latest version.

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