Report breakage due to blocking

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Enhanced Tracking Protection sometimes causes websites to display or work incorrectly. For example, some buttons may not work, parts of some pages may be missing, and some pages may not load at all. Reporting any problems caused by content blocking helps us improve Firefox.

Follow these steps, when necessary, to report a site that isn’t working properly:

  1. Click the shield Fx91ShieldIcon-Blue in the address bar to open the Protections panel.
  2. Click the blue toggle switch Fx91ETPbluetoggle to turn off protections.
    The site will reload with Enhanced Tracking Protection turned off.
  3. If this fixed the problem, click the shield Fx91shield-ETPoff to open the Protections panel again.
  4. Click "Site fixed? Send report" to let Firefox know.
    It will open the Report a Broken Site panel.
  5. Describe the problem to help us solve the problem faster. (Optional)
  6. Click the Send Report button.

When you report breakage, Mozilla receives the following information:

  • Website URL (without query strings to avoid identifying your activity on the site)
  • Operating system on the device
  • Version of Firefox that you’re using
  • Description of the problem that you’ve typed in the text box
  • Your Firefox privacy settings:
    • Enhanced Tracking Protection (On, Off, or Only in private browsing)
    • Your protection level (Standard, Strict, or Custom)
    • Third-party tracking cookies (Blocked or Allowed)
    • Which third-party tracking cookie block list is being used (Level 1 or Level 2)
    • Fingerprinting (Blocked or allowed)
    • Cryptomining (Blocked or allowed)
    • Other third-party cookies (Always blocked, Never blocked, or Blocked from unvisited websites)
    • Custom referrer settings from about:config
    • If cookies are set to expire at the end of your session
    • How long third-party storage will be kept

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