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The imbedded media player is playing media in Browser again after update to firefox 28. Make it stop!!

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I want mp3s to play in my Windows Media Player, not in a browser window. Apparently the update to firefox 28 took me back to where mp3s play in a browser window. How do I turn this option off....again!

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Do the following:

  • Open the Firefox Options
  • Select the Applications tab
  • Locate all MP3 file types
  • Change each MP3 action to Other...
  • Select Windows Media Player from the list
  • Click Ok
  • Restart Firefox

This should open all MP3 files in Windows Media Player.

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That's what was selected and I've even changed the option to download and the links still opens an in-browser player. The last time this happened it was because of the "windows-media-foundation player" being enabled which had to be disabled in "about-config". As far as I can tell that option is still disabled so it must be new code added in the last update.

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I found, by accident, changing to "false": "media.directshow.enabled" in about:config resolved the problem. I'm not sure why, since I'm on a Windows 8.1 (64) PC running the latest version of WMP, and the article I found this on was related to Windows XP. I have to assume if I had disabled this before then the latest update turned it back on.

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For Windows Vista and later this would be the media.windows-media-foundation.enabled pref.

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That's how it worked before, but that option had already been changed before (on version 20 something or the other, whenever that got added) and was still disabled when I went to change it (again). As I mentioned above the thing that fixed it was changing "media.directshow.enabled" to false (which according to everything I read should only affect Windows XP PCs, my PC is running Windows 8.1 (64) )