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Are there plans to bring back the Twitter function in Popcorn Maker soon?

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All the videos and tutorials I have found show the ability to bring Twitter feeds into your projects. I am currently working on a project for graduation in May and the ability to create feeds in which the viewer reacts to the video and can see their posts there on it would be a huge plus. Since working on the project however, there has not been a button to add a Twitter feed, and through some deep searching it sounds like it had been taken down because of bugs. Are there still plans to reintegrate the function in the near future?

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The reason that we no longer support Twitter feed in Popcorn Maker tools anymore because Twitter stop supporting this feature in their API and so we have to take this feature off from the tool.

That being said, if Twitter does support this in their API sometime in the future, we do definitely add this to our tool again.

Thanks, Ali

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Yes, as Ali mentioned, Twitter unfortunately made it impossible for developers to use tweets in the way we originally did with Popcorn Maker. It's a pit, but beyond our control!